2011 Polaris RZR Long Travel Suspension Kits

Posted on 28 November 2010


If you love off road adventures the 2011 Polaris RZR is your vehicle of adventure. This sturdy and attractive vehicle has all of the attributes you do not need to go looking for, a twin cylinder engine to get you moving on any terrain you want to drive. The vehicle sits 50” wide and has a 9” travel suspension system. Traveling with bad suspension on a long trip is misery, seemingly you feel every bump, and trying to get on a race track with suspension problems is asking for trouble.

Drive this vehicle in some of the toughest terrain you can come up with and it will take the beating. You decide how hard you want to be on this fantastic off road vehicle. Accessorize this vehicle with protective bumpers, winches, even invest in plow kits and floor mats. All of these added items work to take care of your off road vehicle. Sometimes the weather throws a curve ball and an off road vehicle is just the thing you need to move around.

The Polaris RZR Long Travel system is refined, light weight material and placed into the suspension equipment for rear and front suspensions. The Polaris RZR is developed for great road action. Many companies are selling their own idea and it is possible to pick up a cheaper level of long travel equipment, but why not buy everything you need in one package the 2011 Polaris RZR Long Travel.

The Polaris RZR Long Travel Suspension takes care with the shocks. Good shocks are important to the easy driving of a vehicle even more when racing is involved. All packages have necessary coil over the shocks and the RZR has a 10” ground clearance. Everything about this off road fun machine is great, use it to rock crawl or drive through muddy areas; riding this vehicle is a true event.

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