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The Joy of Having Rainbow Socks

Posted on 28 April 2011

On a daily basis, most people will wear socks whether it is to work, to play sports or just hanging out at home on a cold day. They are a staple in most wardrobes as people like to wear them for the benefits they offer as well as to look cool. Rainbow socks are growing [...]

A Beach worth Visiting

Posted on 28 April 2011

Nearly everyone who has been to Thailand on holiday has their favorite beach: a place that they remember fondly, especially on cold winter mornings when they have to crawl out of bed and go to work. At such moments that beach seems like a wondrous, almost mythical place where everything is perfect. The place that [...]

Can You Really Get Rich Quick?

Posted on 28 April 2011

There are very few ways to get rich fast, and many people are always hoping that they will. When you really want to get rich fast you are going to have to take a lot of risks, and a lot of chances. Winning the lottery is a way to get rich fast but that is [...]

Would You Like Working as an Ultrasound Technician?

Posted on 27 April 2011

If you are about to graduate from high school and you are trying to decide on a career, or if you are considering starting over again in a more rewarding career, you might want to consider some of the careers available in the field of medicine. The highest paying medical jobs are not only reserved [...]

Maximize Your Bathroom Space by Installing a Wall Hung Toilet

Posted on 27 April 2011

If you are faced with the challenge of dealing with limited bathroom space, a lot of bathroom fixtures are available to address your issue with space. Nowadays, we already have smaller bathtubs and sinks; just recently the wall hung toilet has been an addition to address the problem of space. Also called the back flush [...]

Cleaning Carpets – Three Easy Ways

Posted on 27 April 2011

It could be quite a hassle to clean our carpets, especially those big one we usually have in our living rooms. In fact during the old days, they would use a big wooden stick and just hammer on the carpet while being hanged from a laundry line. This requires a grueling number of hours to [...]

A Short History of Shoes

Posted on 26 April 2011

Early civilizations have had records of footwear from as early as  the 16th century B.C. In most of the ancient world, sandals were the footwear of choice, while in Mesopotamia, they wore soft shoes in the mountain regions near the border of Iran. These shoes were made of leather, wrapped around the foot like the [...]

Plastic Business Cards | Top Trends And Design Processes

Posted on 26 April 2011

After attending a conference in London back at the start of the year it became apparent that there are some cutting-edge trends in the design and production of plastic business cards. It no longer seems to be that they are resembling credit cards from the 1980s. The biggest trend does appear to be the use [...]

Malaysian Airlines Advantages

Posted on 26 April 2011

If you had an opportunity to visit any place in the world, where would you go? An excellent choice is the Far East. This is the South East and East Asian region. This region includes Cambodia, Japan, China, Laos, and Malaysia. Within the region, no country is more interesting than Malaysia. There are so many [...]

New Cure for Baldness and HIV Found ?

Posted on 25 April 2011

Our modern world is going through an amazingly intense medical phase. Lately, two huge breakthroughs came from one university, UCLA – University of California in Los Angeles. Researchers from two different fields seem to have found two different cures for both baldness, and more importantly, HIV (AIDS). You have not yet probably heard of that [...]