Acne Free in 3 days Reviews

Posted on 17 October 2010


One of the more sensational acne treatments to come out in quite some time is Acne free in three days.  It is a program to deal with acne based on the simple premise that you can get rid of the problem in a manner of three days.  So it is exactly how it sounds.  Whether or not it works is a completely different matter, and up to each individual to decide for themselves.  The creator of this program swears by it and claims to have found a miracle cure to rid people of acne in this short period of time.  It is based more on a particular diet than anything else although it does have a topical treatment element as well.  But the main purpose of this program is to rid your face of the bacteria that leads to acne formation.

So does it really work?  The premise behind the reasoning of acne free in three days is certainly sound.  But one thing should be made clear: there has so far been nothing that has been proven to be able to get rid of severe acne in only three days.  In fact acne will generally go away on its own in about five days anyways.  But we’re talking about eliminating acne completely, and this method of treatment isn’t going to do that so quickly.  It’s not a complete scam however, because there are portions of the way the program is marketed that protects itself legally.  Just be aware that this is not an easy solution, especially if your acne is quite severe.

Unfortunately dealing with acne takes a preventative approach that also has comprehensive treatments in mind.  Even something like acne laser treatment which would seemingly get rid of acne quite quickly, needs repeated applications and several weeks to show results.  Remember that patience is a virtue when it comes to acne and looking for shortcuts can actually lead the problem to get worse.

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