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Are Email Fax Services Good Tools for Business?

Posted on 25 January 2012


An important part of every business or company is the area of communications.  No business exists on a vacuum, so we must always have good channels to communicate with our clients or providers.  Faxing is part of this area of communications, but traditional faxing technology now feel old and slow compared to new digital alternatives.

In recent years, thousands of businesses have switched to the next step in faxing: online faxing.  Through the power of email fax services and Fax Over Internet Protocol, sending a fax is faster and more effective than ever before.  If your business relies heavily on faxing, you should make the switch too. Signing up with a fax service only takes a few minutes and from there you are ready to go.

Here are some of the key features that make email fax a great tool for businesses of all sizes:

Your own virtual fax number.  Upon creating your account with an email fax service, you’ll be given a local or toll-free number at no extra cost. This number will redirect all incoming faxes and will send them for conversion to then forward it to your email in the form of a new message.

Fax scheduling. Now you don’t have to stay at your office just to send a fax.  With the scheduling feature you just set the time and date you want to send a fax and the service will take care of everything.  Upon completing the delivery you will receive a confirmation message.

Detailed logs. Do you want to keep track of all your communications? Fax services give you detailed logs of all incoming our outgoing faxes so you have complete control over your account and check you communication data.

Mobile faxing.  With the arrival of smartphones, many companies have started developing special apps to send fax from iPhone and other mobile devices.  Thanks to this you can fax on the go, check your incoming faxes on your smartphone and even use your phone’s camera feature to take a picture of a document for delivery.

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