As Technology Advances So Will The Use Of Ereaders

Posted on 10 August 2010


In spite of eBook readers and etextbooks making great strides, most students still use traditional textbooks. It is just easier to go to the College bookstore and physically purchase your textbooks. Especially if your parents are footing the bill.

Students who actually pay their own way are a little more cost conscious. After all textbooks are expensive. These students are looking for ways to save money, which can be buying used textbooks or taking advantage of the new textbook rentals.

Early adopters who are cost conscious and like gadgets will opt for the new etextbook versions. Some advantages to the new etextbook offerings are instant access, and the cost of the actually text is cheaper. You can even download and pay for only the chapters you need.

One of the best advantages of ereader eBooks is that you don’t have to lug around a backpack full of heavy books. You can have your entire curriculum at the touch of a button, in a device that weighs less than a pound. You can study in the park, on a plane, or in the waiting room at the doctors office.

There are disadvantages to etextbooks also. The main one being the cost of the ereader which could easily offset any savings from using the electronic texts. There are also many different platforms and it gets confusing deciding on which one to use. For instance are you going to use your laptop, a Kindle e reader, or decide on the new Nook textbooks.

It is also easier to flip through the pages and mark up and highlight a physical textbook. Navigation of ebooks can be more cumbersome and take some getting use to. Although these disadvantages can be overcome with practice and as ebooks get more main stream.

Each new ereader improves upon the old one. New devices will include note taking, highlighting, bookmarking, and easier navigation. Many predict that newer models will include more standardized formats and easier to use interfaces.

Improvements on e-ink and other display models will include things like easy to read color screens, multiple format dual monitor displays, easy note taking, and search functions, and touch screens.

There is no doubt that etextbooks are here to stay, but it will be a few years before all of the bugs get worked out. As technology advances using the modern texts will become easier and more practical.

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