Being Successful Through Making Money On Google

Posted on 15 February 2010


A lot of internet users are running into a similar problem: they’ve got a new website going, but they’re really not sure how to take that site and fly.  They know they can make money online, but they have no idea how to go about it.  Fortunately for such people, there is a way!  And it’s not as hard to grasp – or as hard to get started – as most people probably think.  Google makes it pretty easy for the average Joe to make a little extra cash from their website.

Making money on Google isn’t really rocket science.  In fact, it’s nothing like rocket science.  It’s really all based on advertising.  See, there are really two kinds of sites that make money online: sites that sell and sites that sell for other people.

Let me explain.  The sites that sell are, quite simply, sites that sell things.  If I go to your site, and you’re offering a product or service, I have the opportunity to buy that product or service.  You make money off of that transaction.  But before I can buy anything from you, I have to know you exist.

Which brings me to the second category of website: sites that sell for other people.  This is a site that makes money simply by advertising for selling sites.  If I have a favorite Play-Doh fan site to visit, I’ll probably find ads on the side bars for cool, new Play-Doh products.  Those ads will lead me to a site that actually sells those products.

Google has a program targeted toward each of these two site types: AdSense and AdWords.  Google’s AdSense program is a way of advertising for other people; Google will post ads on your site, and you’ll get a check in exchange for the ad space.  AdWords is a program that gets you paying Google for advertising – but you can still make decent money off of it, since the ads get you much better online visibility.  Both programs can increase your website’s revenue.

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