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Better Window Treatments

Posted on 23 February 2011


Not so many years ago most people bought curtains as window treatments. Nowadays people are more adventurous and much more aware about such things as allergies and being environmentally conscious. These factors are important and for these reasons bamboo blinds and shades make a good alternative to curtains.

Curtains provide good insulation for a room and also effectively block out the harsh rays of the sun. They have, however, a number of downsides. The first downside being that curtains are hard to install and the second being they are a pain when it comes to cleaning – you have to take them down and pay for dry cleaning. The process of dry cleaning uses VOCs that are bad for your health.

Curtains made from natural materials have a large embedded water value. 500 grams of cotton takes 4,100 liters of water to produce. If the curtains are made from synthetic material than they are more than likely derived from petroleum products that are non-renewable and responsible for carbon emissions that are causing global warming.

And lastly, curtains allow a place for dust mites to live and breed. It is the excrement from dust mites that is one of the main triggers of allergic rhinitis attacks.

In contrast bamboo is a renewable resource. It produces more oxygen than trees and requires less water than trees. Bamboo blinds and shades are easy to install and even easier to clean – you don’t have to remove them, just wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Bamboo shades are made from thin pieces of bamboo often called matchstick bamboo. The great thing about bamboo shades is that you can see out but people cannot see in. Bamboo shades have been used for centuries in the Far East to provide privacy and ventilation for a house.

Bamboo blinds have movable louvers. They are usually made from bigger pieces of bamboo. They often add a contemporary but natural feel to a room’s décor.

Both bamboo blinds and shades are cheaper than curtains, more environmentally friendly, better for allergy sufferers and just add something different to a room.

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