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Brainstorming New Career Ideas Where You Get To Travel

Posted on 25 May 2011


Some individuals shy away from roles that involve extensive travel. For others, they go actively seeking new career ideas where travel is a fundamental part of the role. You should always know what level of travel you can tolerate before even considering any types of roles.

There are a number of professions where travel is a minor part of the role. For example, working as a travel representative, interpreter or event planner often involves short periods in which you may be expected to actually work and live abroad. Usually however these roles actually require you to be based in one central home location. It is worth noting that interpreting for a living is one of the most profitable business venture you can pursue if you want to set up your own company and have the requisite skills.

More extensive travel may be involved if you’re working as a driver, a roadie or location manager for a film company. Even individuals working as town planners, conservation officers or insurance risk assessors have to make a number of different business trips in order to complete your work effectively.

More travel is required however if you intend working for an airline as part of their cabin crew or as a pilot. The benefits are great but you will be expected to work and travel extensively on a weekly basis.

Some individuals are more interested however in longer-term travel/work commitments. Anybody working as a geophysicist are oceanographer would be well aware of the longer periods of time spent overseas. Likewise working in the armed forces or the merchant navy also require extensive periods away from home. What may surprise some people is that hotel managers often have to work in different countries in order to build up their language abilities. Lastly, if you’re working as a foreign correspondent or diplomat then you naturally have to work in the form country you’re allocated.

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