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Buyu Retsuden: The Finest Dragon Ball Z Game Fans Are Not Familiar With

Posted on 27 January 2012


Buyu Retsuden may just be the best Dragon Ball Z game that you have never heard of. It was released for Japanese audiences in 1994, and it was also released in a few European marketplaces. A French version entitled L’appel Du Destin was released, and Portugese consumers could have purchased the original Japanese version of the game with a regional converter called the Mega Key III for Mega Drive. The Sega Mega Drive might sound a bit foreign to many gamers, but it actually is the same system as the Sega Genesis.

While the game looks like some of the other Butoden games, it has a few differences beyond simply being developed for a different console. The story is naturally based on the regular Dragon Ball Z anime plot, but it plays with the timeline a bit. For instance, Android 18 is already married to Krillin in the game. Krillin defends his wife from Cell, and disables her in a way so that that genetic freak cannot absorb her. The game also includes a few other characters that would not otherwise make it into a game like this. There are few times that King Kai and Bubbles actually show up in a video game.

For a game of the era, the number of battle stages is actually quite remarkable. There are two areas on Namek, two amongst rocks on earth, a mountain road, and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Even the World Martial Arts Tournament and some of the watery areas that might be said to be around the Turtle House are represented. This Dragon Ball Z game is not bad at all for something that was released far before the popularity of many modern shonen fighting series outside of Japan. It is perhaps a shame, however, that it never did get to see a North American release.

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