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Candles for outdoor parties and events

Posted on 29 January 2011


You might have a dinner party this summer, have to organise a wedding reception  or any other party in the evening that taking advantage of the good weather you would like to have in a garden. You might want to think about the lights and decorations. While you will rely on electricity for at least part of the outdoor lighting, using lanterns and candles will give your event a special and memorable atmosphere. You will be able to choose between electric, battery operated and real candle lanterns in a wide variety  of materials.  If you are having a wedding party,  there are also special lanterns decorated specially for these occasions. You will also find candle lanterns able to accomnodate different types of candles from pillar to votive candles. Still popular are the Chinese paper lanterns, the ones frequently used at Asian festivals, not surprisingly, as they look  absolutely great in the dark. Obviously you have to use a bit of caution when using paper lanterns and you should hang them out of the way of children and pets.

A spectacular alternative would be floating candles, these are small candles which are often larger at the top than at bottom, for that reason they can float. They would work well in a body of water or a small pond, but you can also use large vases or containers scattered around the venue, fill them with water and place a few candles. You can also add flowers, pebbles or color the water, have fun with your creativity. Floating candles come in many different shapes and colors and you will find many made specifically for weddings, for instance shaped as beautiful white roses.  A little search on the internet will give you so many more ideas and sources of inspiration for a wonderful evening party.

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