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The Advancement Of Makeup

Posted on 15 February 2012

Makeup was used by the people for centuries, but makeup samples did not exist long ago. Research has shown that the makeup has the history from the ancient Egypt. During that time the eye makeup was made from metals like copper and malachite and even from the soot. The lipstick and blush were made from [...]

Thoughts on My Work and Also Travel Abroad – Exploring The Land of the Rising Sun

Posted on 02 February 2012

Thoughts on My Work and Also Travel Abroad: Exploring The Land of the Rising Sun My job as an artist provided me with the opportunitie to be able to get travel work abroad. I’m sure I’ve talked about that in my former post. Some may feel delighted about the thought of having to travel until [...]

The Popularity of Accounting Degree Online

Posted on 01 February 2012

One of the more popular types accounting degree online sought for higher education is the bachelors’ degree. Many things have contributed to this upward trend; among those is the increased ease of access to distance learning and ability to financially manage the cost of a higher education. Criminal justice colleges are just behind accounting in [...]

A Detailed Review On Essential PA School Requirements

Posted on 25 January 2012

Physician assistant or PA is a health-care provider licensed to practice medicine under the direct supervision of doctors and surgeons. It is a newly introduced profession in which an individual is trained to offer preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic services as detailed by a physician. The assistants perform a range of activities such as treat/examine patients, [...]

How to Find Inspiration – 7 ways

Posted on 26 May 2011

Inspiration is generated through the convergence of your energy with other energies around you.  It is through the combination of things that we get different flavors and combinations – aka Inspiration!  If you are lacking in your inspiration there are a few things you can do to stimulate it.  Here are some crazy ideas to [...]

Top 3 Options For Project Management Diploma Programs

Posted on 21 May 2011

Which type of project management diploma is the best? The simple answer is that you need to pick a program which is going to suit your own lifestyle and work around your own needs (e.g. if you have to work full-time). There are three main options open to you. The first option is to attend [...]

The Right Place to Find how to Potty Train a Toddler Advice

Posted on 20 May 2011

Potty training is difficult and can be stressful for parents but luckily for parents, they can surely get good advice on it if they use the right resources. Beware of the common books that claim “how potty train a toddler in one day”, as it is next to impossible. 2-2.5 years of age is considered [...]

5 Reasons to Have a Business Coach

Posted on 17 May 2011

When it comes to the decision of considering a business coach, it is important to recall why you are under the impression of needing a business coach. There are plenty of reasons that a business coach can help you when it comes to your business and all of your needs. Business coaches are there to [...]

Customer Service Skills Required Of Good Job Candidates

Posted on 07 May 2011

Do you have to interview candidates for a customer facing role? Analyzing their customer service skills should be a key priority. There are a couple of key skills and personality traits you need to look out for. The ability to communicate is always going to be the first priority. When interviewing candidates make sure they [...]

Do You Want to Learn The Guitar?

Posted on 02 May 2011

Learning the guitar is quite hard if you don’t have many resources and if you are still starting out. However, there are a lot of resources for you to  learn from, they are actually quite abundant and it is just a matter of looking around to find them. Today, one good way to learn is [...]