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Cheap and effective natural ways to whiten teeth

Posted on 05 April 2012


Young children usually have very white and bright teeth. This is because they do not always eat foods that would stain their teeth and are non smokers at the same time. However, as they grow old, they start to eat foods that would stain their teeth and make them discolored. Another way through which the teeth can be discolored is too much exposure to chemicals like fluoride. It would therefore be necessary that an individual find a way of whitening their discolored teeth.

Going to the hospital and having dentist perform teeth bleaching would be one way of ensuring white teeth. However, this is usually very costly and many people would not afford it. There are cheap and natural ways to whiten teeth very fast. If properly used, they can also prove to be very effective. They include the use of baking soda and strawberry treatment. A mixture and these two substances are always very effective when used for teeth brushing. One should however use the mixture gently since baking soda is always very abrasive.

A mixture of baking soda and salt may also be very effective when it comes to teeth whitening. This mixture usually allows for easy removal of teeth stains especially those caused by foods like red wine, tea or even coffee.

Another effective natural way of teeth whitening would be flossing the teeth regularly. This is usually ignored by many people. However it is a very effective way of ensuring white and bright teeth. The dirt that brushing cannot always remove can easily be cleared by regular flossing of the teeth.

Some of the best teeth whitening gels for trays include the plus white gel. This usually works for very short durations of time normally just five minutes. It is also very cost effective. In order to achieve the best result, it should always be used with custom trays. Another teeth whitening gel would be the opalescence gel. This usually takes a little bit more time to achieve the required results.

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