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Choice in the Electric Wheelchair Market

Posted on 02 April 2012


Whether you are looking for your first ever electric wheelchair or you are looking for a replacement for a power wheelchair that you already have there has never been a better time to be in the market for a new electric wheelchair. The huge upsurge in popularity of electric wheelchairs has meant that there have been a number of new entrants in the electric wheelchair market and all this competition has driven down the prices of electric wheelchairs and has led the established companies like Invacare to back their products with better warranties and offer more differentiation from their competitors both old and new.

The average electric wheelchair these days like an Invacare power wheelchair, can start at as low as under thousand US Dollars for a perfectly decent indoor model and while there are still models that are designed for road and outdoor use that cost many thousands of dollars for most people the sub one thousand US Dollar indoor models will suffice quite well. Even if you have special requirements of an electric wheelchair there are more chances than ever these days that there will be a model that is just right for you. The major manufactures these days make electric wheelchairs that are rugged enough for outdoor use and powerful enough for electric wheelchair users of all sizes and there are even specialized off road models of power wheelchairs for people who want to take their electric wheelchairs off the beaten track.

If however you do not want to spend close to a thousand dollars on your next electric wheelchair or you want to buy your first power wheelchair and see if it is right for you without paying for a new one you can always go in for a second hand or a pre owned electric wheelchair. The huge popularity of electric wheelchairs has meant that there is a thriving market of second hand and pre owned electric wheelchairs as people sell their old ones or trade them in for the latest models. If you are on a budget this is perfect for you.

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