Choosing a Smoothie Maker

Posted on 31 August 2010


A smoothie maker allows you to make your own special blend of smoothies and cut down on the costs of buying this treat from another source where the cost per a smoothie can be as $5.  Those who have decided to take up a health or exercise regime may want a smoothie maker to add protein powder to their favorite smoothies or just know what went into their drink.  There are many things you can do with the right machine with a little creativity.

A smoothie maker can be as simple as a compact container to take on the go or a blender that can do more than make smoothies.  Devices may cost as little as $20 or as much as $200.  For instance, the Shake ‘N Take lets you drink from the same 16-ounce bottle in which you make the smoothie.  It is small enough to fit into a car cup holder yet crushes ice.

The Back to Basics Smoothie Choice machine may be the device for those who do not like chunks as it boasts a smooth drink with its ice-crushing blades that work on three blending settings and a pulse function.  The glass jar holds 48 ounces, so it is possible to treat more than one person to your favorite blend.  The stabilized feet and mess-free dispensing spout suggest that it built for less clean up after use.

Those who would like a blender capable of making smoothies as well as other foods varying from hot soups to ice cream, the Healthmaster Blender Emulsifier may be an investment.  This blender retains the antioxidants, minerals and vitamins found in the foods it liquefies and pulverizes.  The machine also includes an eating plan and four-recipe booklet.  There are many other devices that can deliver a quality smoothie and others that are full blenders with smoothie making capabilities for a good price.

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