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Clothing Tips for Women With Long Elegant Legs

Posted on 07 April 2012


Being confident and having a positive self-esteem are very important in order to obtain a healthy and happy life. Not everyone is blessed with sexy and fit bodies but everyone can feel good, fit and sexy if they think that they are and if they dress properly. Clothing is not just about covering and protecting the body but wearing clothes is also a good way to feel and look sexy.

According to fashion experts, women with height 5 feet and 8 inches or above are considered tall women. If you have long elegant legs and an overall tall frame compared to other women, then you are definitely lucky especially if you also have a relatively good body frame or shape. If you are tall, have long elegant legs but quite on the fat side, then you can simply hide those unwanted curves by choosing the right clothes that will strategically and effectively hide your body’s imperfections.

One great thing about being tall is that there are many tall women clothing you can choose. Many clothing manufacturers and producers that are designing and manufacturing clothes specifically designed for women with tall height. When choosing the right clothes to wear, consider your height, your size, your body shape, and the purpose of the clothes you want to wear. Choose the clothes that will flatter your body properly. Make sure also that the clothes will emphasize your assets and will not show off your body’s imperfections like unwanted curves or skin imperfections.

If you have long elegant legs and have a slim body, you should avoid clothes and dresses with loud prints and also those clothes that are too tight-fitting since it will make you look even taller in an a good way. However, if you have long elegant legs with a voluptuous body shape, then you should consider clothes that will flatter your curves like wearing wide belts for simple dresses to make your torso even narrower. If you think you have beautiful shapely legs, then wear knee length dresses, skirt and short to emphasize your beautiful long elegant legs.

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