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Compression Stockings For Unrestricted Circulation

Posted on 03 March 2012


Compression socks are a special type of socks that are tailor-made to enhance blood circulation on the feet and legs. These are a special type of non-binding socks that do not constrict the foot or leg hence allowing free blood circulation on the feet. All this amazing result is achieved due to the fact that these compression stockings are made to be unrestricted of circulation. The main audiences for this type of socks are mainly athletes and diabetic individuals. However, those who suffer from other circulation related disorders like thrombosis, edema and phlebitis can also use them.

Diabetes is a common lifestyle disease that is causes rise in the sugar levels of individuals. This rise in the sugar levels normally results into other diseases like foot ulcers. This type of socks is what most doctors will prescribe fort this type of people. They will allow non-restricted flow of blood through the feet hence supplying the feet muscles with oxygen. Anyone who has compromised sensitivity to draining wounds can decide on the white socks. This is because of their color that will alert the wearer whenever there is a complication.

Other than diabetic individuals, people with other ailments like lower limb edema and blood pooling are also a right audience for this sock type. Most of these socks are available on the sock wear stores without any restrictions. However for those who want high pressure socks, it is advisable that you seek prescriptions from a podiatrist. Such simple but vital precautions can cost you grave consequences when ignored. These socks will also ensure free flow of air on the feet hence much more comfort to the wearer.

Athletes are also popular wearers of compression socks for various reasons. The major reason why they are popular among them is because of circulation related concerns. These types of socks are known to improve oxygen delivery to the muscles and stabilizing the lower leg. They also speed up the elimination of lactic acid. All this will work in tandem to improve an athlete’s overall performance. These are few benefits you are bound to extract if you are using these socks.

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