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Computer Repair Employment | Search Tips

Posted on 30 January 2011


Looking for the right computer repair employment requires an understanding of the role types and employers there are out there. Here I’ll show you what options are open to and where to look for suitable roles.

Many people think that PC repair roles are limited to working in computer repair shop. But this is not the case. There are a variety of employers to consider including consultancy houses and individual corporations (each company needs administrators and support technicians to manage their IT infrastructure).

Therefore, searching for computer repair employment should involve casting a wide net by using search engines and contacting companies directly which may have suitable roles. The tricky part is that your skills could be applicable to a number of different role types. Some firms refer to these roles as computer service technicians (i.e. providing hands-on computer repairs) or computer support technician (i.e. providing phone/online support for specific products to customers).

When searching online job sites or corporate sites for roles you should also keep a look out for whether the position is field role or as a bench technician. Working in the field on client sites may not suit everybody depending on your personal commitments so you should be aware of this before even interviewing for a role. Bench technician positions are more suited to those who prefer to work in the one location.

Most computer repair employment positions do not require formal qualifications if you have sufficient work experience in a relevant field. If you are only starting out doing computer repairs then it can be harder to justify your abilities. In this case, obtaining a diploma or doing some form of certification with giver your resume a better chance of being considered.

Lastly, if you have sufficient experience then you could consider setting up your own computer repair shop or service. Going freelance is often the goal of many technicians.

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