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Considerations Before Buying an Enclosed Horse Trailer

Posted on 22 February 2012


Horses, as creatures of the prairie, are designed for life in wide open spaces. They have an inert “flight or fight” response whenever danger threatens them. Thus, it goes without saying that hauling them in a dark, small and shaky compartment goes against their nature.

Since hauling them is a necessity, especially when going to races or to work in a farm, choosing the right horse trailer should be the best solution. As humans, we tend to be swayed by style and anything fancy and we often fail to realize that horses have their own set of preferences. Besides, they are the ones getting inside the trailers. It should be best to choose horse trailer with the horses’ welfare in mind. Ensuring that they are transported in a safe and stress free vehicle allows them to arrive on site at their best health and behavior.

· Enough room and light:
As mentioned, dark, small and shaky compartment may be a scary tunnel for the horses. A trailer with enough room for them to stand or brace themselves would do them good. They should have enough space to spread all four legs to brace themselves, enough space to freely move their heads and necks for balance and enough space to stand properly. Light is also a main factor in horse trailers. A bright colored interior should do the trick, as well as windows to let in light, avoiding a claustrophobic feeling.

· Ventilation:
Shipping fever in horses is usually caused by a stuffy trailer, which is susceptible to mold, dust and other contaminants. Dirty contaminated air will only cause stress to the horses while traveling, and when that happens, they often get sick on board. Proper ventilation is a must inside a horse trailer. Windows at eye level should let in enough air for the horses to breathe in. Ceiling slats should also be an indispensable feature in these trailers so that hot air can freely exit the trailers.

· Safety- interior:
Safe interiors should also be prioritized in horse trailers. Ensure that there are no objects sticking out anywhere that can harm the horses. Walls and stalls should be covered with rubber so that horses can lean or bump against them without discomfort.

· Road Safety:
Ensure that there are good and working braking systems and working lights. Safety chains and cables are a must to ensure safe and proper towing. A properly rated tow vehicle should be used to avoid accidents on the road.

With these considerations in mind, you can ensure to find the perfect horse travel trailers for your horses, whether they are your pets or assets in the race track or farm. Keep their welfare in mind when selecting the right transport for them to ensure that they arrive safe and stress free on site.

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