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Conspiracy Theory-Cell Phone Trackers A Cover for Something More Ominous

Posted on 28 April 2011


We have all seen the movies where the good guy is being pursued by the bad guys who are supposed to be good guys.  The good guy can’t understand how the bad guys keeps finding him or her until they suddenly realize that they are being tracked through their cell phone.  Of course, we knew.  We were yelling at the television for our hero to get rid of his or her cell phone.  We know because the technology was inevitable.  The very first person who ever had a cell phone must have looked at it and wondered if anyone could listen in on the phone calls and possible use the phone to track and spy on him or her.

A Matter of Time and Technology

The cell phone tracker was only a matter of time in coming.  Someone surely had it in mind upon the launch of the first spy satellite.  In fact, the government probably tried to figure out how they could watch us through our television sets.  We thought it was the cell phone tracker free men had to worry about.  If the government could have figured out a way to watch us through the TV without being obvious about it, they would have done it (or have they).

Phone Guide to Paranoia

The free cell phone tracker is too obvious and too free to be any kind of conspiracy.  It is certainly being used to bend a few civil rights laws but as far as big brother watching us, I believe he would be less conspicuous than the cell phone tracker or cheap cell phones, for that matter.

The Google Conspiracy

However, and you knew there was a however coming, what about the Google cell phone tracker?  Is it not at least a little suspicious that they would even invent one, much less do it first and so well?  Think about this for a moment.  Google already has every piece of public information on just about everyone and some information that is not public.  If you believe it is just a coincidence that there is a Google cell phone tracker, and that google has not figured out how to watch us through our cheap cell phones and computers, Google your name and then tell me what you think.  Google does say Google, after all.

Go ahead.  Google yourself.  I dare you.

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