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Dangers Of Consuming Wrong Holy Basil Dosage

Posted on 01 March 2012


Over the last few decades the use of herbal remedies has risen significantly. Percentages of as high as 70% have been recorded in many countries and these have indicated that more people are now optimistic about the benefits of herbal remedies such as holy basil. This is a good sign since it has in fact been proven that herbal remedies have the potential to assure general body health and in some cases to cure particular diseases. The only problem is that many people have heard a lot about what herbal remedies can do but they have not been informed of the dangers of taking wrong dosages of them. Researchers have for example proven that taking a wrong holy basil dosage has severe consequences to one’s health.

One of the dangers of consuming a wrong dosage of holy basil is that it can lead to infertility. This has been proven by tests that have been conducted on animals that have similar biological structures to those of human beings. It has been advised that those who take holy basil should only do so if they have no plans of conceiving in the future and if they are not trying to get pregnant. For pregnant women, wrong dosages of holy basil have been show to lead to miscarriages as the chemical compositions of the herb encourage contractions in the uterus and these deceive the body into thinking that time for delivery is due. Pregnant women who take holy basil are also advised on taking a correct holy basil dosage since high dosages can result in a flow of chemical compositions of the herb into breast milk and these can eventually be transferred to a baby.

A wrong holy basil dosage can lead to blood thinning which can lead to internal bleeding. Studies have proven that people who take excessively high dosages of holy basil have poor coagulation especially if they have wounds that are trying to heal. It is dangerous for high dosages of holy basil to be taken by patients who are scheduled for surgery since they can be at high risk of bleeding excessively during their procedures.

A popular danger of consuming a wrong holy basil dosage is that it can lower the body’s blood sugar levels. Patients of type 2 diabetes are especially at danger if they take high dosages of holy basil. Type 2 diabetes patients suffer from low levels of blood sugar therefore excessive consumption of holy basil places them at even higher risk.

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