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Design Elements in Sub-Zero Fridges

Posted on 11 March 2012


Forget about the expensive Sub Zero pricing quotes. If there’s one thing that’s worthy of your attention and appreciation it is the ergonomic design of the Sub-Zero refrigerator. The brand is the master when it comes to design perfection – refrigerators from this manufacturer are out of the ordinary ones, and may not appear as conventional refrigerators at all as far as exterior design and installation are concern. The seamless blend of function and beauty is a world premiere. Even though the brand’s notoriously pricey, the experience of refrigeration and the convenience of storing food are both priceless.

How does the design elements integrated in this fridge contribute to the overall cooling performance of the brand? Let’s start from the most obvious. Classic refrigerator designs from this brand offer you stainless steel as the exterior construction. This is not only to ensure that the fridge would be durable and reliable, but also to provide your kitchen a stunning and a contemporary design touch as naturally brought out by such exterior design.

Features such as glass-door design (which can only be found in Pro 48 fridges) and ice and water dispenser give the fridge its high style and innovative look. But the dramatic design option offerings from this refrigerator make this fridge one of the most after-sought refrigerator brands, despite its expensive price quotes.

Custom overlay, framed, flush inset and classic stainless steel are four major design options. There are Sub-Zero refrigerator parts available from the Sub-Zero dealer that can make any of those design options possible for integration in your kitchen. So whether you want to have a refrigerator that has wood panels on them, a refrigerator that sits flushed in your kitchen cabinetry, or a refrigerator that’s framed with stainless steel for a modern look, you can do so with Sub-Zero Preservation.

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