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Detailed Information On Interesting Facts About Girls

Posted on 01 March 2012


Getting to understand more about girls can be an easy yet difficult process. It requires one to be sharp and detail-centered. The way a girl behaves, talks and thinks is quite different from the way boys do. Girls are more keen or minute details yet guys are normally focused on broader things concerned with life and survival. There are many interesting facts about girls every human should know. Having information about these facts can help one relate with girls better.

It is important to note that girls spend most of their time thinking about boys. In fact, they spend about 15% of their time thinking about certain guys they really like. They spend about 20% of their time thinking of men in general. They spend a huge chunk of the remaining time talking about guys and a small percentage of their time is spent on other things.

It is also true that girls usually assume that boys only think of getting them to bed. In order for a guy to prove her otherwise, he should concentrate on other ideas whenever he is talking to her. Most girls normally think that guys only want the skinny and pretty girls. That is why they spend their time trying to get slim. They may be true to some extent but is never the case always.

Most girls prefer being paraded before their boyfriend’s friends at least once in a while. They enjoy when their boyfriends show them off. This boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel appreciated. They never feel good when their boyfriends fail to introduce them to their friends. It’s also true that most girls have nicknames which they prefer to be called. To woo them fast, one may consider using their nicknames.

One of the most interesting facts about girls is that they drop lots of hints that they admire or like certain guys. A girl who keeps on giving complements to a guy is more likely to be in love with him. Those who keep on telling a guy that they like him are actually in love with him. Some girls usually send their friends to ask some guys if they like them. They may even tell their friends to talk to the guy. Girls do not enjoy time with guys who talk about perverted things. Girls also love to feel special even though they may not show that.

Interesting facts about girls can be helpful especially to men. Guys who have learnt the way girls behave rarely experience problems when interacting with them. Learning about a girl is the only way to her heart.

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