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Do Gorillas Use Touch Screen Notebook Computers?

Posted on 30 December 2010


The title of this article might be a little hard to understand but one thing is for sure, gorillas have nothing to do with it. You might have pictured something funny in your mind when you first read the title but you should know that gorilla arm stands for something else.

As shown by some people, things are not always what they seem. It was the same with the first touch screen computers. They were large and everybody thought that they will help the workers with their work.  It did for a short wile but it soon turned out that the workers that used these new computers faced themselves with really tired arms. They said that they could not use them anymore because they were really weak. The large touch screen computers that replaced the normal ones were held responsible for this fatigue that the workers were facing.

Their fatigued arms were only the product of the touch screen computers that required them to keep their hands always starched towards a screen. The term gorilla arms was born after the workers said that they felt their hands really clumsy and heavy with less motor skills in them. This is why the specialists associated this condition to the arms of the gorillas.

This situation really frightened the computer designers that were developing new touch screen laptops. There are only just a few people using touchscreen laptop computers because they aren’t really out in the mainstream yet. Because of this, the designers could not ask a large number of people how they feel about these laptops.

But hope was something that they did not give away because the small number of people that used touch screed notebook computers said that they had no problems with fatigued arms. This was possible because they used keyboards besides the fancy laptop screen which gave their arms some time to rest and not become gorilla arms.

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