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Does Sage Herb Help In The Control Of Excessive Sweat?

Posted on 16 April 2012


A lot of people who suffer from excessive sweating go to great lengths when it come to finding effective solutions to their very unique health issue. And to say the truth, there are several effective natural remedies to choose from when it comes to treating the said medical condition. For instance, wearing loose fitting cotton made clothes has been known to help the body to breathe, therefore helping in regulating the temperatures within. This way, the sweat glands do not get the frantic signal to start secreting the offending excessive sweat. To say the truth, this is an excellent way of curbing the causes of excessive sweating and that has been in use for decades now.

Apart from the mentioned method, there are several other equally effective natural excessive sweating control and treatment methods that can also be used by the affected people, for example, the usage of the sage herb. As matter of fact, the sage is a great tasting herb that effectively reduces excessive sweating by as much as fifty percent. As sage is used in the day to day cooking of such delicacies as casseroles, various types of soups and so forth, it is quite easy to incorporate into a normal daily diet. So how do you use sage to control excessive sweating?

You can start your day by drinking a cup of sage tea instead of your normal cup of tea or coffee. Another cup of sage tea should be drunk just before retiring to your bed. The components in the sage tea will naturally curb the signals that drive your sympathetic glands into an overdrive, consequently causing them to overproduce the offending sweat. All you need to do is simply to add one teaspoon of dried sage to a cup of water that has been brought to boil, then steeping the mixture for five minutes and then draining and subsequently enjoying it. If need be, you can add a teaspoon of honey to the mixture for taste purposes. This way, you will be on your way to a less sweaty body during the day and the night.

Moreover, you can also apply some cool sage tea, minus the honey directly the your sweaty armpits as a natural antiperspirant, just before putting on your regular antiperspirant on. This will act as a further protection against excessive sweating all through the day.

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