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Dogs Love Heartgard Plus

Posted on 31 March 2011


Merial is a company that is recognized all over the world and it is indeed a reputable pet medicine producer. It is, in fact, considered as an expert when it comes to animal health. It’s been quite a long time since they have started producing wonder drugs in treating many kinds of diseases in animals. But their expertise really belongs to treatment of different parasitic infestations. Some of their popular drugs are Frontline Plus, Ivomec, and Heartgard Plus. Among these three drugs, the bestselling one is the Heartgard Plus heartworm treatment.

You can blame the people if they like giving this medicine to their pets. It’s an all-in-one medicine because of the Heartgard Plus best price, safety and effectiveness. No one can question the wonderful results given by this chewable pill. Without a doubt, this is the most successful among all heartworm tablets ever produced. The drug is of high quality and the price is definitely reasonable. Why would you settle for something cheaper if you know that what you really need can be provided by Heartgard?

The Heartgard Plus is a one of a kind heartworm treatment. As what you can observe, most of the medicines you can find all have chalk-like taste. And dogs definitely hate taking this in. They protest to every dose and they really struggle when it’s time to take the medication. It’s a good thing that Heartgard comes with a wonderful twist. It’s not surprising that Heartgard is loved by dogs since it has a meaty and delicious beef flavor. It’s one of the few drugs available in the market today that comes in this flavor. Dogs take it in without any second thoughts. They can really tell if a tablet is Heartgard Plus of not. You can never fool them or outsmart them. Better give them their monthly dose or Heartgard Plus “treat”.

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