Don’t Let Your Gun Safe Be a Breeding Ground for Rust

Posted on 05 September 2010


People purchase  gun safes for a multitude of different reasons.  They’re thick steel walls, and complicated locks keep burglars out, and their expertly assembled and exhaustively tested insulation systems prevent their contents from roasting in a fire.  All this considered, all you have to do is load your gun collection into your safe, lock the door, and forget about it, right?


Gun safes are indeed fantastic for burglary, fire, and flood protection, but they’re also normally kept in damp areas with stagnant air-flow, like your basement; a perfect breeding ground for rust.  Start growing rust in your safe, and you might as well give your firearms collection away to the neighborhood crook.

Fortunately there are some plans of action you can put into place to keep your collection safe from this corrosively silent killer.  For one, get a dehumidifier.  They heat up the temperature in your security container, making the air dry, and keeping it moving.  For those of you who don’t have drill holes to run wiring for powered dehumidifiers, silica gel units also work exceptionally well.  They’ll soak up the rust-spawning moisture, and can be reused simply by heating them in the oven.

Of course, it always helps to add an extra layer of protection.  Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCL’s) literally do add that extra layer of protection.  They coat your firearms in a harmless membrane of rust preventative protection.  They come easily available in Rust Blocker Shields, which span protection throughout your safe, or in product like ZCORR bags, which protect your firearms from rust regardless of where you are.  This article on gun safe accessories goes into significantly more detail

Your firearms are far more likely to succumb to corrosion that theft or fire damage, so eliminate any chance, and prepare adequately.  This article has armed you with the knowledge you need; dehumidifiers can be found for less than $30, and VpCL products are far less.  Spend a little money on an investment that will keep your pieces shooting forever.

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