Easily Accessible Home Equipment

Posted on 28 December 2010


I am always looking for new ways to make my home more easily usable. I think that people start to build clutter and chaos in their houses when they keep things that they don’t use, and so I try and avoid that as much as I can. Here are a couple of examples of ways I have streamlined my house and made it easier to take advantage of.

In the back of my house I installed some mud room lockers because I wanted to have a place where we could keep our coats, or the kids could keep their outside toys, where they were easier to get to, and easier to put away in the end. I realized awhile ago that my kids were much more prone to hang their jackets up, or put their toys away, if they could do it in a place where it was literally impossible to forget to do it. By having the locker by the back door, it’s easier for them to hang up their coats than it is to leave them lying around. Now we have a back area that’s accessible and useful!

Everyone has their own computer in the house, but we didn’t really want to spring for printers for everyone, so instead I have a single portable printer that we all share. If someone needs to print something, they grab the very light and easy to move printer, take it to their computer, plug it in, and print away. Or they can take their computers over to it. Either way, it’s easy to use (and affordable!) and so it fits into my philosophy very well.

A house is only useful if it’s easy to use. By making sure everything I own is convenient, I avoid collecting the clutter that so many homes have problems with.

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