Elliptical Trainers and Weight Loss

Posted on 01 December 2010


Bulging flabs, sagging arms are just one of every person’s nightmares. So they tend to do diets that are unhealthy and costs a lot of money. Some would spend most of their time doing strenuous exercises, leaving all their responsibilities behind. Some tried to go into fad and drastic diets. But they wonder why they are not still losing weight. I guess we are all wondering what we should do to get rid of those fats without buying those expensive diet pills and starving ourselves that makes a person feel too tired and those that will not consume mostly all of our time. These methods of dieting are not the right way of losing weight. Healthy diet and proper exercise must be a part of your daily routine.  If you are limited in space a Stamina Inmotion E1000 elliptical trainer is perfect for you.

Exercise helps in burning fat and also comes with toning the body, making the person look fit. One of the options in losing weight is by using an elliptical machine. This machine not only helps in losing weight but also offers cardiovascular benefits also.

Elliptical machines are fitness equipment that combines the features of a treadmill and a stair tread machine. This machine moves in an elliptical motion and provides a full body workout by not causing any stress on the joints. When using the elliptical machine, you need to exercise at least four times a week for thirty to forty minutes. This also helps in elevating your heart rate that can help in burning fats faster.

The elliptical machine also has a programmed workout routine. These programs differ in inclination and resistance. You can adjust the resistance and the inclination of the machine to offer a great exercise routine. There is also an interval training program that helps in losing weight. You have to adjust the inclination and resistance levels also every two minutes.

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