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Facebook Tracker and New Layouts

Posted on 30 January 2012


Those who know me will tell you that I sometimes have a tendency to be slightly… well, slightly nosy. I like to know things, and I have a few tricks.

That’s why I was so interested when I heard about a Facebook trackers, browser plugins that allow you to snoop on the people checking your profile page. You can see which ex comes around to lurk on a daily basis, and which family member has never visited. It’s not the healthiest hobby for anyone with a paranoid streak, but for the obsessively nosy it’s a joy.

Facebook has tried to disable most of the Facebook trackers it can find (they like to keep all the data for themselves, and they don’t like to provide it without a price). Fortunately they can’t get every one of them, and there will always be a tracker that does the job.

While searching for Facebook trackers recently I came across something I had no idea even existed: layouts for Facebook. It seems that a simple little browser plugin enables you to do a little MySpace-style customization on your profile page. You can apply a variety of themes that alter the background image from the basic white and blue, and while there are a lot that don’t impress me I’ve seen at least a few that look great.

The only problem with layouts for Facebook is that you need to have the browser plugin installed to view them. ┬áIf a regular user visits your profile they’ll just see the basic, boring page. Over 10 million people have the plugin installed, so before long I suspect nobody will be looking at the regular screen!

Since I moved to Facebook from MySpace I’ve bemoaned the lack of customization available of the dull, colorless pages, but in recent months it seems there’s been a boom in third party apps that offer everything MySpace did and more!

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