Five Distinct Advantages Of Owning Wool Rugs

Posted on 12 October 2010


While there are many different positive aspects wool rugs have to offer, let’s take a closer look at the four distinct advantages that homeowners will enjoy from purchasing this fine item:

Easy On The Environment

Woolen rugs are created out of natural fibres. This makes them environmentally friendly for the owners. This is a great benefit for those who may have any family members that may be suffering from any health ailments. It would be a grave mistake to buy a rug that contains materials that are known pose a problem for those that have asthma or other health issues.

Fire Resistant

These special rugs are fire resistant. They will not burst into flames if they are exposed to extreme heat. Safety is addressed by manufacturers that make rugs out of wool. Rugs made of synthetic fibres can easily catch on fire. A woolen rug reacts to fires in a different manner. It takes quite a bit of sustained heat to cause wool rugs to catch fire. An errant spark is not enough.

Water Resistant

Wool is also a good choice for homeowners that have children or love to entertain. Accidental spills are expected to take place during an adult social or a childrens’ slumber party. Woolen rugs have the capability of repelling water and various other liquids. The liquid spill can easily be cleaned up with a soft sponge.

Ability To Maintain It’s Appearance

Woolen rugs have the uncanny ability to maintain their appearance over the years. This is not that case with other rugs that made out of cheap and synthetic fibers. Some Persian Rugs made of wool are still in use or on display hundreds of years after their initial creation.

They are available in a wide variety of colors.

You can find woolen rugs in virtually any color you can imagine. Whether you prefer a natural colored woolen rug, purple area rugs, or a multi-colored and ornately decorated Persian rug, it is easy to find a woolen rug that will suit your taste.

Wool rugs are great for improving the appearance of any room within the home. They are also easy on the environment, fire resistant, water resistant, and have the ability to maintain their appearance after years of usage. These are clear advantages that you will not find in other rugs that are made out of synthetic materials.

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