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Flowers, Vegetables and Fruits for Your Vertical Garden

Posted on 08 April 2012


One of the first questions that a new vertical gardener asks is, “What can I grow in a vertical garden?” The answer to this quite simple: “Almost any plant you can think of.” Having said this, there are some plants that are more suitable than others. Whether you want a living wall or just a vertical garden in planters, you have to select the right plants that will grow well together. But first you have to decide whether you want a vertical flower garden or a vegetable garden, or a mix of both. Here are some vertical gardening ideas for flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Vertical flower garden

A vertical garden can give your home the kind of ‘elegance’ and ‘class’ that few other things can. Imagine a thick vine of bougainvillea breaking out in a pink, red and white on an arched trellis; roses of different colors adorning the windows or walls of patios; and a thick carpet of ivy growing on your walls.  These are some of the things that make your home picture perfect, but you have to make the right selection. When selecting flowers for a vertical garden, you should opt for the vine type flowers because they can climb easily up trellis, support, walls, railings and balcony. And then you have to decide whether you want seasonal vines or perennial vines. The sensible thing is to have a mix of both. Some of the flowers most suitable for a vertical garden are bougainvillea, bromeliads, Chinese star jasmine, climbing roses, daisies, ferns, Korean box, mandevilla, miniature roses and petunias.

Vertical vegetable garden

Vegetables can also make your house aesthetically pleasing if you make the correct selection. You can grow any type of vegetable in a vertical garden, but here again the vine types should lead the list. Runner beans, pole beans, cucumber, squash and pumpkins can climb up walls and trellises very well. They also form a perfect background for other more colorful plants, such as tomatoes and chilies. Tomatoes are perfect for a vertical garden as the plants can climb up like vines. They like planters because they will be safe from insects and diseases there. Other vegetables that are great for a vertical garden are capsicums, chilies, carrots, radishes and lettuces. Besides adding color and beauty your garden, these vegetables will be a healthy addition to your food.

Vertical fruit garden

Fruits grown on your wall, balcony and railings can give your home a colorful and plentiful look. Plus, fruits are delicious and full of vitamins. The only problem is when they bear heavy fruit, but even that can be managed with a strong support or trellis. Some of the fruit that grow very well in a vertical garden are grapes, berries, passion fruit, watermelons, cantaloupes, dragon fruit, and honeydew melons. You can get some more ideas on how to grow your fruit and vegetables – vertically or otherwise – on

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