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Getting Around In The Big City

Posted on 29 April 2011


Transportation options for living in a larger city will definitely be different for you if you come from a smaller town. There are a lot of different options and finding one or a combination of multiple methods will give you the chance to get where you need to go. There will be times for going fast with possibly a bit more stress and times for taking it easy and leaving the stress to someone else.

Some of the options include public transportation, driving your own vehicle, riding a bicycle, walking, or even taxi or limo. Really it will depend on the distance you have to travel from your residence to where you’ll be spending your day working or in leisure activities.

If you choose to drive your car, depending on the city you may have some daily traffic rushes both in the way to work as well as the way home. If you drive a car only seasonally due to the weather, you may have an option of saving some money by getting short term car insurance instead of the longer term. This may also mean that you limit your driving to a few months per year then keep that car parked the rest of the year or in storage.

If you’re planning on riding your bike either some or all of the way to and from work, the good news is that most major cities have options for taking your bike with you onto the public transportation system. Where I live, the option exists for the metro or subways, but isn’t an option for the trams or buses. All the cities are different however and checking with the websites for metro area will get you the info you need. If you do choose to ride your bike, you may consider bicycle insurance especially if the cost of repair or replacement of your bike is significant.

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