Gogos Crazy Bones Figures

Posted on 31 March 2010


The original Gogo Crazy Bones figures are small, colourful, plastic characters that children can play various games with. They are not action figures as they do not have any articulated joints. They are basically a large head on a small body and look a bit like an alien. Their heads are often odd shapes and they have uniquely painted faces. There are a few hundred for your children to collect and they all have individual names.

There have been four series of Crazy Bones to date and you can still find packets from the first few series should you wish to buy these. Following the success of the original series, a second range called Evolution was released. Half of these bones are transparent and glittery. The third series called Explorer added a new laser metallic color to the five normal colors that the bones came in. Lastly the Power series includes half of its bones with metallic paint.

The first three series come with stickers which children can put in one of the sticker albums available. The packets also contain three bones. The number of bones fell to two with the Power series and the stickers were replaced by trading cards.

The Gogos brand keeps bringing new toys to market – the latest in the figures range includes Mega Gogos and Reversible Plush toys. The Mega Gogos are large scale versions of their smaller plastic counterparts. They come with a new Mega Metropolis comic that is on sale weekly. They also hide a mini Gogo and live in pods that can be built together to create a city. The comic offers a great way to encourage reading in younger children as it is packed full of Gogos information, stories and activities. The plush versions of the Gogo characters are perhaps more suited to younger children who might swallow the small plastic versions. They are quite large at 6” and can be turned inside out so you get two Gogos in one.

Now that you know what you are looking for, you can go crazy with these fun and popular toys.

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