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Great Places to Retire: Europe

Posted on 20 January 2012


There are many people that will go to Europe at least one point in their lives. Many college students go to Europe as part of a study abroad program from a semester or sometimes for even a year. Almost any person that goes to Europe falls in love with it and as such many people that have been there even once or have never even been there yet aspire to one day go there, will make it their goal to actually retire to some place that is in Europe. Obviously, Europe is a fairly big place and there are many great places for a person to retire to that all have different things to offer to a person who is looking to retire in some European country and relax and enjoy the rest of them time without work getting in the way.

Italy is a big destination for many people looking at where to retire. There are some big cities in Italy, but there is also a lot of the countryside that many people can retire to so that they can live in a beautiful environment that is also both peaceful and serene. A person can stay in a villa, if they do have the money saved up for that type of expense or many times a person can also get an apartment or a nice house. It really comes down to how much money a person has.

Another big place that people will go to is France. France, like Italy also has cities, but also country and people can live in a beautiful country that can be so relaxing and also cultured.

A person also can travel easily from one European country to the next. This can be the perfect retirement for those people that do love to travel. It is easy enough for a person to get on the train and travel all around Europe and a person can definitely easily go through all the countries that are included in the European Union without having to get a new passport each time, which can save a lot of time and energy.

There are so many different things that a person can do once they decide to retire to Europe and its great because there is not one defined lifestyle that a person needs to settle into once they go to Europe, but rather tons of different kinds of ways that a person can carry out their lives whether it be more relaxing or more traveling depends on the person.

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