Guide to Shopping for a Liposuction Surgeon

Posted on 05 August 2010


Shopping for a liposuction surgeon is not a particularly easy task. There are many factors that require careful consideration before you can make a decision. It is important not to make the mistake of basing your decision solely on any one factor. In fact, it is a common mistake for people to make their decision simply by determining where they can find the absolute lowest cost. This is dangerous because it neglects other criteria required of a plastic surgeon such as their qualifications and experience.

During the consultation session is a great time for both the patient and plastic surgeon to learn more about each other. There has to be a trust built between the two for the laser liposuction surgery to be a success. The plastic surgeon will gauge the mental and physical preparedness of the prospective patient to determine whether or not they are eligible for the surgery. There is a certain level of physical health and mental toughness required to undergo any plastic surgery procedure.

The consultation session is also a good time for the patient to determine the qualifications of the plastic surgeon. This would be a good time to ask about the surgeon’s credentials. You want nothing less than a board certified plastic surgeon performing your surgery. They should also have plenty of experience which can be proven by their portfolio of liposuction before and after pictures of their past patients. This will tell you approximately how many procedures worth of experience they have under their belts as well as what kind of results to expect.

When looking for a surgeon it is a good idea to check for references they might offer. Usually it should be a few of the surgeon’s past patients who can share what their experience had been with that particular surgeon. It is also a good idea to schedule more than one session with various surgeons to get a broader picture and have different surgeons to compare. This will help ensure you get the best treatment possible. While we cannot eliminate the risks associated with laser liposuction completely, we can control the risks by having a properly trained and experienced surgeon performing the procedure.

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