Handling All Kinds of Interview Questions

Posted on 28 November 2010


One of the best ways to catapult your accountant career is to fine-tune your job interview process. In a job interview, there is a “give and take” process that is going on. Employers can asked questions that are part of the job and can be considered as not normal part of the interview. These methods however are made so that it can test the interviewee responds to something unexpected or even for some uncomfortable situations. It can even determine an applicant’s skills and creativity that can be deal with any situations that can arise in the real working environment. There are some employers that can asks questions such as “What was the last movie you watched?” or something outrageous such as “What would I find in your vanity kit?” The questions can make an applicant nervous and laugh or they could answer it with something witty. This can make them stand out from others who are applying for the same job. This can also be a decisive factor for the employers to either consider you or eliminate you for the available position.

There may be many different interview questions that can vary, here are some helpful tips that some job aspirants can take so that they can prepare themselves for this type of job interview.

One of the best ways to catapult your accountant career is to get fine-tuned on your job interview process. The first is that you need to keep in mind is the saying, “practice makes perfect.” You can do that by enlisting the help of others to give you a mock interview. This can be very useful for you. If you think that this exercise is not enough, you can think of other ways that can be used so that you can remain comfortable during the interview process.

Second thing that you can do is that you need to re-acquaint yourself with your own background, experience and skills. This may sounds strange but some people can lose track of their achievements and can hardly give an answer to some basic questions. You as a job seeker should refresh your memory before you get to the interview and if it’s important, you can take some notes with you during the interview.

The last thing that you have to remember in a successful job interview is that you are not only dependent on how fast you can answer these questions. Another important factor is that you need to show some confidence when you are answering the questions and ensure your interviewer that you satisfied with your answers. These job interviews are aimed to measure your competency and for employers to observe the style of each applicants. An applicant can take their time in answering when each of these questions are being asked. It is also a good technique that you clarify some questions and even request a moment to think so that you can respond to them factually than just saying words that are incoherent or create a fallacy which is not good. Also, be sure to spend some time studying competency based interview questions and answers.

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