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How a GPS Can Help You to Drive Safer and More Reliably

Posted on 19 March 2012


There are millions of drivers all over the world who are using GPS navigation system in order to help them drive successfully and get from A to B with a minimum of fuss and delay.  There are some aspects that can help you drive better, more economically and cheaper too, and that all relates to how current the map on the GPS are and whether you have updated them frequently.  Simply by installing the latest maps on a GPS you can drive better and also make some money savings as well as reducing the volume of CO2 emissions that your car spits out.

How You Can Save Money with GPS Map Updates

There was some recent research conducted by the US Department of Transportation which discovered some compelling and interesting figures about the driving habits of an average American.  Over a year of driving they calculated the following numbers (research done in 2010).

  • Annual Gas Price – $3.5 Dollars per Gallon
  • Annual Mileage – 15,500 Miles Per Driver in Outer and Inner City Environments
  • 2 or 3 Liter Engines

What the Department of Transport did was take those numbers and then calculated that is a driver uses a GPS with up to date maps on it then they will be able to make the following savings over the period of 12 months:

  • Five Hours of Driving Time
  • 130 Gallons of Fuel
  • $460 Dollars in Fuel Expenditure
  • 970 kg of Annual CO2 Emissions

The reason the GPS helps you to make all these annual savings is because by having the latest maps you will have any changes that might have happened on the roads including new highways and intersection updates.  As a result, your GPS is naturally going to be able to route the driver the most efficient, quickest, and shortest route – which of course, means not as much fuel is used.

Some cars which come with GPS devices already installed include Mercedes, Acura, and Honda.  Of all the manufacturers out there, Honda would appear to be the most conscious of the savings that users can make because their Honda map update software even includes a small calculator to help the driver truly understand the annual impact that they are benefiting from by using the GPS.

The Honda system even comes with real-time smart traffic alerts, meaning that it knows of traffic jams that are on the road ahead, and as a result will navigate you a different route.  Traffic jams are the number one place where most fuel is used so this just serves to help you economize even better.

Just by be aware of impending distractions and hazards, such as jams, can vastly improve your safety record which is why some insurance companies are even considering reducing the premiums for drivers that use a satellite navigation system with the most recent maps on them.  This makes sense fmo not only a financial and safety perspective, but also an environmental one if it is making drivers better consider their annual driving habits.

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