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How Long Can Postpartum Depression Last With And Without Treatments

Posted on 25 March 2012


With many possible possibilities, the postpartum days are characteristically laden with depression setting in to almost  10 to 25 percent of new mothers. It is a complicated case of postpartum depression which can be traced to the interplay of many biological, social and psychological factors. It is now a recognized disorder which can even lead to the acquittal of mothers killing their children if it can be proven that it happened following childbirth. One logical question is: how long can postpartum depression last?

The time to recover is not fixed. There are references in mental health and medicine that say that such can take a few days or weeks following childbirth. From six months to more or less 2 years is the usual range as experienced and claimed by those who experienced and lived with postpartum depression. It sounds dreadful enough living through PPD for this amount of time under horrible conditions that may spell disaster to the family. What can be more horrible but learn that it can last for as long as 40 years. How long can postpartum depression last really?

This sounds indeed implausible Reading the narrations of heartfelt testimonies of those women who struggled leaves one in admiration. Many interacting  factors like how soon was it suspected and treated influence the span of  the affliction. One can reasonably expect two years or more without treatment. With treatment, PPD can make a woman recover in as little as 4 to 8 weeks. It is now known, however, that it can take more years to almost a lifetime with other complicating factors.

Further, despite treatments, relapse has been observed in many cases when mothers cease taking medications. This is especially true for women with severe manifestations of PPD, those who live in socially depressing state, with many unhealthy habits, early or unwanted pregnancy,  economic problems, and with history of depression or  psychosis in the family.

So, how long can postpartum depression last? There are many factors interacting to cause a result. What is more paramount is the medical attention and help that these women need to help them cross the threshold of postpartum depression.

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