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How to Avoid Iodine Allergy Symptoms?

Posted on 19 March 2012


Less is more. But in terms of the amount of iodine in your body, having enough iodine that is sufficient for your needs is a must. Although too much iodine may lead to an allergic reaction, especially if you have allergens that react not in a good way with your body, this may also be fatal to your health. On the other hand, iodine allergy symptoms can also be avoided once you have just the right amount of iodine in the body.

Iodine deficiency is having inadequate amounts of iodine in your body. Normal daily requirement levels of iodine in an adult should be 150 micrograms. It may be minute in number, but if you are not receiving this much in a day, may lead to a mass of health problems for you. Having too much of iodine is bad for this may lead to iodine allergy symptoms; taking in too little is also not good.

There are many iodine-rich foods you can choose from. Sea foods are known to be rich sources of iodine, such as fishes, seaweeds, crabs, kelps, shells, and shrimps. However, some people may develop allergic reactions to iodine when eating these sea foods, thus must find other means to still get adequate amounts of iodine through supplementary sources. Iodized salts can be a good source of iodine. You should always have such ready at home so you and your family are assured of having the mineral present in all your meals. Iodized salt can also be a good substitute for table salt.

When our body is receiving the right amount of iodine, it consequently means that our hormones get to function well, especially with its metabolic functions. Right amounts of hormones secreted can mean an optimum level of health for you.

Aside from being too cautious with eating sea foods that may lead to iodine allergy symptoms, other sources of iodine, aside form iodized salt are: eggs, condensed milk, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, malt bread, cheese cake, and fish oils. Fish oil can also be one good remedy for constipation. For more of the best baby constipation treatment, go to the website for more details.

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