How To Clean Or Replace Furnace Filters

Posted on 20 June 2010


It is very crucial that you clean your furnace filter regularly to get rid of dust and dirt. You should always remember that a clean filter enhances the efficiency of your furnace and makes it last longer. Both of these facts will also surely help minimize your energy bills.

The first thing you should do when cleaning furnace filters is to vacuum or sweep the floor if the area near the furnace is dusty. This cleaning ought to be done before the filter is replaced. You should then locate the service panel, which is usually located on the lower side of the furnace. This should be followed by turning off the furnace and gently opening the panel door. You should do this with bare hands before you locate the filter. It is important to note that the filter is the framed mesh that is rectangular in shape and which ought to be inserted vertically or horizontally close to the intake blower. Brown or dusty build up on the mesh should be checked, and if found, this should be hosed to remove dust particles. The mesh should then be left to dry before being returned to the furnace.

There are times that one may open the furnace door, and find that the furnace filter mesh is damaged, and has to be replaced. What should you do in such a scenario? The truth is that such a mesh needs to be thrown away and replaced with another one as soon as possible. A damaged filter will allow a lot of dust into the motor of your furnace which may result in costly repairs. The important thing is for you to note the size before throwing away the filter. This is done so that when you are ready to go out and buy the same filter from a hardware store or other supplier you will know the size that you need and prevent a second trip to the store resulting from buying the wrong sized filter.

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