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How To Make Your Own 1lb Coffee Tin Survival Kit

Posted on 29 March 2012


This article will demonstrate how to make your own survival kit that fits nicely into a 1lb coffee tin. A kit this size is great for storing in the trunk of your vehicle. Small kits are ideal because they easier to carry around with you, increasing the chances of you actually having them when it matters most. An awesome kit doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have it on you when it counts the most.

To learn how to make an even smaller, pocket-sized kit, check out this article.

Here are the items that you will put in your coffee tin. With a little maneuvering, they should all fit in snugly. When they’re all in, stuff some wax paper inside any extra space. It will stop the objects from moving around, and can later be used as fire starter.

20 feet of nylon rope: will have many uses. Wrap around the outside of the tin.

A Zippo lighter: for starting fires with. Longer lasting than regular lighters, but keep the fluid topped up.

A Swiss army knife: will have many uses with the different blade ends.

A small pencil wrapped in paper: for jotting down notes.

A compass: for finding your way back to safety.

A small mirror: for inspecting hard to see wounds and for signaling help.

Dental floss, fish hooks and sewing needles: for sewing torn fabric and stitching wounds. The floss and hooks can be used as fishing lines.

A poncho: to keep you warm and dry.

A candle wrapped in aluminum foil: the candle is for light; the foil will have many uses.

A whistle: to scare off animals and signal to others.

Money: have some extra cash on hand to cover gas and food.

2 large garbage bags

Good luck and stay prepared!

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