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Identifying Antique Duck Decoys

Posted on 30 October 2010


Duck decoys are hard to find and are very expensive. They are collected for their historical significance and their beauty. There are various conventions and exhibitions across the United States where duck decoys are displayed and displayed. Antique duck decoys are some of the most expensive. Some even fetch more than five hundred dollars. Most of antique decoys do not have any mark that will identify them as vintage or not. This makes it quiet hard for people to distinguish old duck decoys from newly produced ones. A person has to study duck decoys and become an expert. Herters duck decoys for sale are some of the recent duck decoys.

There are many people who sell fake antique duck decoys. Listed below are some steps which will help you tell fakes apart from real antiques.

Read about antique duck decoys. You will find answers to your various questions by reading. You can buy books about antique duck decoys or you can read about them on the internet. You can also ask seasoned collectors to teach you a thing or two. Local duck hunting outfitters are also knowledgeable about antiques.

Inspect the duck decoy carefully. Vintage decoys will feel and look old. An overall wear pattern can be seen on the entire body of the duck decoy. Some decoys may even exhibit bullet holes, proof that they are old and proof that they have been used. Do not buy a decoy without inspecting them. You will be wasting money if you do this.

One distinguishing mark of a real antique or vintage duck decoy is glass eyes. A vintage duck decoy without glass eyes is most likely fake.

Look at the bottom of the decoy. Most often carvers carve their names or initials or any identifying mark at the bottom of their duck decoys. Aside from their names, they also include the dates when they finished the product. Decoys which are not carved by hand often have the name of the manufacturer and the date stamped at the bottom.

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