Kinds Of Auto Insurance For Your Car

Posted on 18 February 2011


Roads in the US are busier than ever, and more and more people are traveling every day. With all that driving comes more opportunities for accidents, and that’s one reason why you need a good auto insurance policy. Such a policy will protect you from the huge financial liability and accident can leave you with. Although there are many, many choices when it comes to insurance policies, you can find a good low price auto insurance plan by just knowing a few things about the different types of insurance.

In the US, each driver is required to have a minimum amount of insurance coverage usually referred to as liability insurance. This type of coverage pays for damage which results from an accident you are found to be at fault for. The two types of liability coverage, property damage and bodily injury, pay for damage to the other person’s vehicle and injuries to the people in the vehicle, respectively. Liability insurance does not, however, pay for damage to your own vehicle.

Most people find that they need much more coverage than simple liability insurance. That’s where other types of policies come in, such as collision coverage. Collision coverage pays for the cost to repair your car, whether or not you caused the accident. This is great since we all know that repair shops can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for even simple repairs. Collision coverage is crucial if you still owe money on your car.

Those aren’t the only types of insurance, either. There are literally hundreds of different plans available, from plans which help you if your car breaks down to plans that will pay for rehabilitation and lost work time if you’re injured in an accident. To get started with your insurance search, go online to get insurance quotes from as many different sources as you can.

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