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Learn About Social Media And Its Effect On Online Marketing!

Posted on 29 March 2012


Social media has continued to grow as a communication and marketing tool. Those who deal with online marketing, especially those in search marketing, cannot ignore the effect social media is having on increasing business opportunities. The one thing that is obvious today is that search expectations are changing. Many online users are no longer using searches expecting to find specific information. Most internet usage is spent connecting, interacting and sharing on the social web. When users log onto a site, they are expecting some form of interaction. It is no longer enough just to get facts, users want to be able to ask questions and get responses.

Interaction helps the users to understand exactly what they are getting when they choose to do business with a certain company. While online searchers have often bookmarked or saved results that they found interesting, today, they are going further and sharing the information with their friends and contacts on the social media. The popularity of socially enabling web applications has led consumers to expect even more interaction. Social Media Optimization is informed by the fact that some searchers use social media sites to look for information, recommendations and references.

People do not always trust Ads and marketing messages. They tend to trust recommendations from their contacts much more. They will read product and service reviews from fellow consumers who have tried them out, and find these opinions more reliable. Marketers have realized this and are increasingly turning their attention to using social media. It is, however, important to note that marketers are writing “fake reviews” on sites, to try and appeal to the consumers need for another user’s opinion. Reviews found on company sites are not always the most useful way to get information. People prefer to use social media to get recommendations directly from their friends and contacts.

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