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Make Money Online in Ireland Today

Posted on 31 January 2011


If you are Irish and have no job in Ireland today, the chances are you will have no job tomorrow or next year either. The politicians are not going to help you; they are too busy taking their golden handshakes.

There is only one answer you have to do it all on your own. If nobody will give you a job then you have to start your own business. In the real life world that takes a large cash investment or the ability to borrow money. If you have no job then neither of those is an option. In the online world you can build a business for free. If you really want to do the job properly you can spend two hundred euro. That would not get you far offline, but online it will buy you web hosting and a dozen domain names.

You do not need to spend anything to get started online, so put your wallet back in your pocket.

“What can you do online that will earn you money?” You can write, write and write some more.

There are tens of thousands of writers who make a living by writing five hundred word articles. They write them for their own websites or they write them for article directories.

There are different payment models. The best one is to write for article directories that will give you a fair share, like three quarters, of the ads around your articles. Every site will teach you how to make extra money writing articles for it.

Another idea to earn online is to start a local website. I did this for Glanmire in Cork, which is where I live. You can build this for free using WordPress. If you buy a .ie domain it will cost you forty euro a year, but a .com one will only cost ten dollars, about eight euro a year.

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