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Making Personalized Wedding Invitations

Posted on 31 January 2012


Fact: customized wedding invitations are harder to toss in the trash after the occasion. These invitations may act as the item to keep and ease those reminisces into memory time and time again. Years after the toddler has become a big brother to another, specially designed photo wedding invitations can retain their place in the family album and make the list of personal history notes we all hope represent us at the Smithsonian museum after we are long gone. Your guests are sure to see the best in the occasion before the day with such a memorable invitation. You can simply do this from your computer; you do not need an art studio I guarantee you. Add photo paper and a printer to that list and you are set to make it a reality.

Simply upload the selected pictures you would love to have on the invitations. In making a choice, it always helps to try a few and see how they fit on your personalised photo wedding invitations. Try to go with those with the best backgrounds; even you intend to blind the background as you create the design. Common programs like the Microsoft office tools (MS Word, MS PowerPoint) can suffice for the design process. You can select from the available templates to get started. Though you can do this from scratch, embossed wedding invitations can come off really nice and professional when you use an existing template as a platform, and then modify to suit your taste.

When filling in the text on the personalized photo wedding invitations, be sure to include all the pertinent information; date, time, venue, main order of events, and the RSVP contact information. You can add the photos by dragging them from their location on the computer to the design platform, or you could click on file>open>select picture. Choose colors carefully; try to choose those that match the pictures or background, and even further you could adjust the intensities and shades of the colors to: blur, fade etc. On the wedding photo invitations.

Make a test print on the final work and if it looks like something you would want to keep? You probably have arrived on the right design for you wedding invitations.

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