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Making Pour Over Coffee Inexpensively

Posted on 20 January 2012


There is a growing trend in the specialty coffee community – one that revolves around an ancient technology called pour over.  It’s simple a ceramic cone that is set on top of a coffee cup, coffee grounds are poured into the cone, and water is poured over that.  As the hot water is poured over the coffee grounds it slowly extracts the flavor, creating a very flavorful cup of coffee that is completely absent of any bitter aftertaste.

But how does one make pour over coffee at home?

It’s quite simple, really.  Just follow these instructions.

  • Set whatever pour over device you have on top of your coffee mug.  The placement is the same as I described in this article, once it is set on top pour coffee grounds on top of it.
  • I recommend that (assuming you are grinding the coffee yourself) you grind the beans to a relatively fine setting, quite similar to one you would use for drip coffee pots.  This will allow for a maximized extraction.
  • Heat the water to approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit (slightly lower than boiling).  This will also produce a better extraction from the coffee bean, as the water will not draw as much flavor if it is too hot.  You can use a thermometer to make sure that your water is the right temperature.
  • Once the water is the correct temperature, pour it over the coffee grounds in a circular fashion, being careful not to pour too close to the rims.  You don’t want the water hitting against the sides of the pour over cone, because the water will slide past the coffee grounds and create a weaker cup of coffee.  Just continue pouring in a circular pattern, being careful to keep all of the coffee grounds wet so that the extraction is even.

Once the coffee mug is full you will have a delicious cup of our over coffee to enjoy.  If you need further instructions, visit to learn more about making pour over coffee.

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