Making Use of a Valance as a Window Treatment

Posted on 10 April 2010


Many people are looking for window treatments which would add a lot of beauty into a space or a room. One of the most commonly of these would be the window valance. A valance is put on top of a window, over the regular curtains. Today, there are plenty of options as far as valance curtains go. You could try searching online for some of the best selections with attractive patterns and designs that would fit any space or area in your home.

Some of the types of valance window treatments available today would be: balloon valances, Ascot valances, pleated valances and swag valances. These could easily be set up, which makes them practical and cost-effective choices to enhance the appearance and ambiance of a room.

Although windows already offer a lot to a room, bringing in natural lighting and giving an excellent outdoor view, using a valance or a couple of valance curtains could make them stand out even more. They could accentuate the design and style of your windows as long as the valance curtains complement the existing look.

There are also plenty of homeowners and home renters who make use of blinds with valance window treatment. Although in the past, valances were commonly used with curtains, today, a lot of people choose to use them with blinds. This is probably due to the fact that blinds are a lot easier to clean. They are also very versatile, functional and cost-effective. Through adding a valance to a panel of blinds, a more sophisticated or stylish look could be created.  If possible, you definitely want to avoid a cheap or ugly look by spending a lot of money on a beautiful valance and then pairing it with a set of cheap plastic blinds.  This can detract from your home’s decor rather than enhance it.

One particular type of valance would be a bed valance. Whether you use one for your bedroom or in another room or space in your house, you would surely be able to transform the existing look to a more sophisticated, elegant and luxurious one. Because they are easy to set up, you can add them before guests come over or visit.

Valance window treatments are also effective in hiding unsightly drapery hardware, windows and rods. You need not throw and replace old hardware – you can simply cover them up with a couple of window valances. On top of being able to hide the unsightly features of your window, you would also be able to add something to the room or space.

If you are planning to make use of valances for your home, try searching online today. There are a lot of online stores which offer great selections of valances that you can use for any type of interior or room décor. You would just have to take the accurate measurements and to think of your desired effect to choose those which would complement the existing décor and fit the available space you have.

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