Modern Contemporary Wedding Invitations

Posted on 16 February 2010


It goes without saying that the type of wedding you have will dictate what kind of invitations you will send out. If you are having a modern contemporary wedding then you will be looking for contemporary wedding invitations. The good news is that there are a lot of them out there to choose from so you should have no problem finding something that suits your tastes and style and if you do not, then there are many places that will custom make your contemporary wedding invitations for you.

You may find it hard to make everyone happy with your wedding plans. There are relatives on both sides and of course there are many different opinions when it comes to where the wedding should be held, what the theme color or colors should be, and on and on the list goes. While it really is something for those actually getting married to decide, it does pay to listen to what the rest of those attending have to say if you want to keep everyone reasonably happy.

If you are looking for the right colors for the wedding, two colors that go quite nicely together and compliment each other very well are hot pink and black. It is a bit surprising; perhaps you would never have considered such a color combination for a wedding as traditionally, black is a color of mourning. However, if you look at a few catalogues or online at some hot pink and black invitations you would have to agree that the colors do go well together and they can be quite classy looking. Even if you find hot pink and black are not quite what you have in mind, there are pink and black wedding invites made with lighter shades of pink that are not quite so ostentatious. Another very nice color combination for modern contemporary wedding invitations is red and black as the colors go well together and traditionally speaking, red is a color that is generally associated with romance and love.

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