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Motivating Yourself When Studying Alone

Posted on 05 March 2012


If you are thinking of taking on a course at MUST university or any other online institution then this is a great choice that can give you a well recognized career that can land you a job, and that can make you a more rounded and developed individual, while at the same time saving you from the huge costs incurred by going to a ‘normal’ university and allowing you to do a much more flexible course that you can fit around your lifestyle and that you can enjoy without quitting your job or otherwise making life more difficult for yourself.

However at the same time this also puts the ball in your court and it means that you aren’t going to have quite the same pressure to work. With no set time scale, and with no one to shout at you if you aren’t working, it can sometimes be easy to let your work fall by the wayside. It takes a lot of self discipline in order to finish an essay or to do your reading – though actually this is something you can learn and a way you can benefit from the courses at MUST university.

One strategy that can help is to make all of the small things you would normally do into ‘rewards’. In other words then, if you normally come home and turn on your laptop to check Facebook or to check your e-mail then you need to band yourself from doing that. It feels necessary, but really it can wait – because it only leads to other things like sending replies or looking at viral videos. Instead you should make checking your e-mail a ‘reward’ for writing a certain amount of words or reading through a certain number of pages. Facebook is then another reward for when you’ve written the next thousand, while a cup of tea can be the reward you look forward to next. Suddenly these distractions aren’t getting in the way, but in fact motivating you to work faster.

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